BC volunteers of the International Brigades

BC volunteers of the International Brigades

Help move this project forward 

This project is a labour of love.  I have done much research and filming in British Columbia and in Spain, but still have much further to go.

Up until this point,  I have mostly self funded the documentary with support from my generous Patreon and other contributors. I have also done a great deal of the interviewing, shooting and editing myself.

For the next stages of production, I will need to pay for a camera crew, buy some additional equipment and raise money for travelling throughout BC, Canada and Spain.

Your help will allow me to complete this project and get this little known story to a larger audience. Any donation big or small is incredibly welcome.  You can donate a monthly amount via my Patreon page or if you prefer a one time donation, a link is below or message me at themacpaps@gmail.com.

By donating you are helping show that there are some battles worth waging, that together we are stronger and if we forget the past, history repeats itself.

This spring and summer, I am hoping to interview family members of the MacPaps. If you are family member or know of family members of the Canadian volunteers, I would love to talk with you.

Thank you!